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Importing the Demo Content

If you already have content on your website, skip this step!

This part is for people who have a brand new website/blog and will need some demo content so they can play with the settings and set everything up. This content should be deleted before you launch, as it’s not useful past the “setting up” stage.


To get the demo content, you will need to find the adelle-theme.zip file on your computer and unzip it. In the XML folder, you will find a single file called demo-content.xml. Make sure you either know how to access that file or copy it somewhere else temporarily (like your desktop! 😉 )


  • In the Admin Dashboard, go to Tools > Import
  • Scroll down to the WordPress section and click on Install Now
  • After it’s installed, click on Run Importer
  • Click Choose File and select the demo-content.xml file
  • Click on Upload File and import to get the process started
  • Select the user you want the imported posts to be assigned to (this can be you, or you can create a new username)
  • Click the Download and import file attachments if you want the images (recommended if you want to see the featured images and the slider in action!)
  • Click Submit and way for everything to get imported!
  • Preview your website and you’ll see the new blog posts, categories, pages and images that have been imported!