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How to Set Up the Sidebar

You are totally free to do whatever you’d like to with the sidebar, but here’s how to set it up like the demo website.

  • In the Admin Dashboard, go to Appearance > Customize
  • Go to Widgets > Primary Sidebar (Make sure you’re on a page where the sidebar is showing, otherwise you won’t see it in the widgets. If you want to add widgets to the sidebar without it showing on the website, you can also do these steps in Appearance > Widgets. But I just like the Customizer better in general, you get to see what you’re doing!)
  • Click on Add a Widget and select an Image widget.
  • Click on Add a Widget  and add your bio in a Text widget
  • Next, add a Simple Social Icons widget and add the URLs of your favorite social media
  • Add a Genesis eNews Extended widget and use this tutorial to set it up properly depending on your mailing list provider
  • Add a Search widget
  • Add a Text widget and just type the Instagram Feed shortcode [instagram-feed] (Note that you can play with the shortcode to show your feed differently in the Instagram Feed settings)

Again, remember that you can insert as many widgets as you’d like, in the order that you’d like! You really don’t have to do like the demo site. Let your personality shine through, you have so many options! 😉