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How to Add a Contact Form

If you’d like to add a contact form to your site, we highly recommend using WPForms to do it. The lite (free) version works fine if you have just a simple contact form.

If you ever need to gather more information (like web address or phone number), we recommend upgrading to the paid version. You can find the paid version here*.

  • In the Admin Dashboard, go to “WPForms” > “Add New”.
  • In the template section, select “Simple Contact Form”.
  • We didn’t like how the first two lines weren’t full width, so we adjusted that by clicking on them and going to “Advanced Options” > “Field Size” and changing it to “Large”. Repeat for both “Name” and “Email” fields.
  • We also prefer the look with just placeholders instead of labels, so under “Advanced Options”, we added the appropriate placeholder text and checked the “Hide Label” box
  • Save everything!
  • Next, we prefer the look for the form with the site styling instead of the WPForms styling. If you want to change that, go to “WPForms” > “Settings” and under “Include Form Styling”, select “Base Styling Only”
  • Time to add your contact form to your page! Head to the page/post where you want to add the contact form. Using the Gutenberg editor, click on the + symbol and search for “WPForms”.
  • Select the name of your new form (most likely “Simple Content Form”) and save the page!