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How to Translate in Your Language

Do you want to use the Hazel theme in another language than English? It’s totally possible!

While Hazel doesn’t come with language packs, you can translate it yourself (no need to translate the whole theme either, you can translate just what you need!)

  • First, you’ll need to install the Loco Translate plugin.
  • Go to Loco Translate > Theme
  • Click on “Hazel Theme” (you can also translate other themes that way!)
  • Click “New Language”
  • Select your language
  • Under “Choose a location”, I recommend using the “Custom” setting ( languages/loco/themes/hazel<locale>.po ) That way, if you update your theme or WordPress, you won’t lose your translation.
  • Click “Start Translating”!
  • Next, select the line you want to translate and write! (I recommend translating the “Read More” and “Search Here” lines, as those show up on the site)
  • Don’t forget to save!

Translate as many of the strings as you want! If you’re having problems with your translations not showing up, send us an email at support@codeandcoconut.com and we’ll investigate for you.