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Theme Requirements

Code + Coconut themes can only be installed on self-hosted WordPress websites and require your own license of the Genesis Framework to work.

To make sure the installation process goes smoothly, it is recommended to have all these things lined up first, before buying the theme.

  • Buy a domain name. If you haven’t done this already, we recommend buying from Namecheap* as they offer a really great service!
  • Buy hosting. To be able to have a self-hosted WordPress site, you need to buy hosting. We highly recommend SiteGround* if you haven’t bought it already.
  • Install WordPress. Once you’ve bought your domain name and host, it’s time to install WordPress on your server. Most hosts will give you a one-click install option that’s super easy to do! You’ll know it worked when you have a fully functioning website that you can log into.
  • Download the Genesis Framework. You can download it for free on the StudioPress website. You’ll need your own copy to be able to run our themes.


We love love love SiteGround* for hosting and Namecheap* for domain names. They’re two companies who care a lot about customer support and giving you the best price for the most amazing service ever. We’re using those companies ourselves and have been happy clients for years!