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How to Set Up the Footer

Same as the sidebar, you can do aaaaanything you’d like with the footer and add the widgets you want, but I’ll show you how to set it up like the demo!

The footer is made of three widget sections, which take around 30% of the space each. Don’t worry if you don’t see Footer 2 and Footer 3 in the widgets when you get started, they only appear if you add content to Footer 1 (it’s a bit weird, but it’s just how Genesis works!)

  • In the Admin Dashboard, go to Appearance > Customize
  • Go to Widgets > Footer 1 and click on Add a Widget
  • Add a Text widget with the content you’d like. To add a button, add the following code: <a href="URL" class="button">Button Content Here</a> and make sure to change the URL part with the link to where you’d like the button to go, as well as the Button Content Here since that’s the text that’s going to be on your button.
  • In Widgets, select Footer 2 and click on Add a Widget
  • Select a Genesis eNews widget and set it up using this tutorial.
  • In Widgets, select Footer 3 and click on Add a Widget
  • Select a Search widget