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How to create a menu

Your website will be very hard to use if it doesn’t have a menu taking your readers to the various pages on your site.

Let’s create your first menu!

  1. Log in your admin dashboard
  2. Go to Appearance > Menus
  3. Give your new menu a name (I like “Main Menu” or “Primary Menu”)

Now it’s time to add items to your menu, which is where it can get tricky.

Adding items to your menu

See the navigation menu on the left? It looks like this:

That’s where you can select the pages/posts that you want! Just expand the windows, check the boxes of the posts/pages/categories you want in your menu and click “Add to Menu”.

If you don’t see the page you want, there’s a small “View All” tab that you might have to click on. (That’s more useful when you have a lot of pages)

Organizing your menu

When you have all the pages added to your menu, it’s time to organize them.

You can drag-and-drop the menu items until you get them in the order that you want. You can also nest the items so that they show up as a sub-item in your menu (meaning you’ll have to put your mouse over the main item to see the sub-items)

Displaying your menu

Now that your menu is created and organized the way you want it, it’s time to make sure it shows up in the right place!

Depending on your theme, there might be various locations for menus.

Most of our themes only have one location, called “Main Menu”. You’ll have to check that box to make sure your new menu shows up there!

You can also add menus via widgets (like if you want an extra navigation in your sidebar). To add a menu via a widget, go to Appearance > Widgets and add a “Navigation Menu” widget to the widget area of your choice. Select the menu you want to use and you’re good to go!