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How to find the right domain name

When it comes to the domain name, it’s important to find something you’re comfortable with, while also not over-thinking it.

Don’t let your name stop you from blogging!

What to look for when picking a domain name

  • IS IT AVAILABLE? I recommend checking using WHOIS to check domain name availability. If you’re checking availability on a site that sells domains, there’s a chance they’ll lock it down and you won’t be able to buy it from anywhere else (and they can raise the price if they think it’s a valuable domain). I’ve seen it happen, don’t risk it…
  • IS IT A .COM SITE? I recommend getting the .com if you can, it’s the extension that is the easiest to remember. There are other popular ones, like .co and .net. I would stick to those ones if the name you really want isn’t available with .com.
  • ARE THE SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES AVAILABLE? If you’re planning on building a brand, it’s important to make sure you can have the same name all over the internet. I recommend checking if the Instagram + Pinterest names you want aren’t taken. Even if you don’t plan on using those platforms, I would snag the usernames when buying the domain name.