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Which company should you buy hosting from?

When it comes to hosting, there are so. many. companies out there. It can get overwhelming pretty fast.

Prices range from a few dollars a month to $100+ and it can get confusing fast if you’re not familiar with the tech side of websites.

I totally get it!

Who should you avoid?

Unless you want to toss a coin on how your experience is going to be, I would recommend avoiding any of the Endurance International Group (EIG). They are a gigantic hosting company that buys smaller players and tends to make their support + product go down. This includes major hosting companies like:

Because they have a really competitive affiliate program, you’ll see a lot of bloggers recommending Bluehost as a site host. I’ve heard too many complaints about that company to ever recommend them. And I don’t care to make more money via affiliate marketing to recommend a company I don’t believe in.

Which hosting companies do we recommend?

There are two companies we like to recommend to new bloggers: SiteGround* and Lyrical Host*.

Why we love SiteGround

SiteGround* is the company we’ve been using to host our site for a long time. They’ve been around for a while, have proven that they offer great customer service and that their product is really solid.

When it comes to getting hosting from a reliable company who won’t let you down, SiteGround* is always our first choice.

The only thing with SiteGround* is that their pricing is a bit more confusing. Even though they offer a really great introductory deal, they go up quite a lot on renewal, which a lot of people don’t expect.

The best way around it is to buy more years upfront at the introductory rate, and when your first renewal comes around, you’ll have enough cash from your blog to justify it.

Let’s do the math with their current price:

  • If you get 1 year at their $3.95/month price, you’ll be paying $47 for your first year and $143 for every year after that. After three years, that’s a total of $333.
  • If you get 2 years upfront, you’ll be paying $94 right away, and then your third year will cost you $143. After three years, that’s a total of $237.
  • If you get 3 years upfront, you’ll be paying $142 up front, and won’t have to pay again until your three years are up. After three years, that’s a total of $142.

By getting more years up front, you can save hundreds of dollars, but you also have to make sure you have the cash flow to afford it and the drive to make your blog work long term.

Why we love Lyrical Host

Unlike SiteGround, Lyrical Host* pricing is very straight-forward. Their monthly price is always the same, so you don’t get a huge surprise when your renewal comes around. At $11.99/month, it’s not the cheapest, but it’s still very affordable.

Obviously, the more you buy upfront, the cheaper your monthly price gets. And if you want to get 10% off your first payment, use this code: CODEANDCOCOCONUT10.

As a hosting company, Lyrical Host is fairly new, but they carved themselves a really nice spot in the blogger/female entrepreneurs niche. They offer really nice perks like a blogging resource library and exclusive stock photos, which other bigger hosts don’t bother offering.

If you’re a new blogger and want to support a smaller company but still have an amazing experience, Lyrical Host* is the way to go!