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How to Customize Colors + Fonts

Congrats on your brand-new theme! Now it’s time to make it feel like home.

You will find all the customization options in the Customizer. You can access the Customizer either by clicking the Customize button in the top black bar or by going to Appearance > Customize in the dashboard.

You will find two tabs in the Customizer, one called Colors and one called Typography.

Customizing Colors

Under the “Colors” tab, you will find 2 color options.

The first one is for the color of the main font. I recommend keeping it a dark grey/black color, to make sure you have an optimal contrast for reading.

The second one is for the main accent color. It will replace everything that you see as beige in the demo, which includes the buttons, certain background areas, and the border around the navigation.

Customizing Fonts

Under the “Typography” tab, you’ll find 5 more tabs. You’ll be able to change the font and font size, letter spacing, etc. of each of those modules.

So under “Headers”, you’ll be able to change the header font family, font size, letter spacing, etc.

Time to get creative!

You can obviously keep the fonts as-is, or only change a couple if you want to.

You’ll have access to all current Google Fonts. If you want to use custom fonts, you’ll have to manually change those, our theme won’t be able to help you with that.

In case you want to change fonts, but decide to revert to default fonts down the line, we’ve made sure to write all the defaults right under the title!